Parent Information

Our Partnerships with Parents:

Sharing information about each child's progress and experiences in the program is vital to the parents as well as to the child.  You will be notified by the center when a parent/teacher conference is scheduled regarding your child.  These conferences will take place twice a year (in the Spring and in the Fall) to discuss your child's progress. 

In addition, parents are encouraged to discuss any immediate concerns by phone or in person.  An appointment does not need to be made to 'drop-in' during our hours of operation.  We foster ongoing, open communication between the parents and teachers as we feel consistency is very important for the child to thrive.  A parent may also request a conference at any time.  We ask that parents share information about problems at home so that extra attention can be given to the child.


Daily Curriculum:

NDDCC provides a scheduled day of activities for your child.  Classroom activity varies according to the lesson plan, the age and developmental level of the children, individual interests and the abilities of the children.  Parents are always welcome to have an open dialogue with their child's teacher.  



Maggie Rothwell is a certified music teacher and works with each classroom twice a month.  This music program is a wonderful addition to our already enriching curriculum!



Breakfast and an afternoon snack are provided daily.  Parents provide a healthy lunch brought in an insulated lunch bag.  Parents notify the child's teacher of any food allergies that the child may have.



Children in every classroom take daily naps.  We ask that parents bring in a sheet to cover the child's cot, a blanket and a pillow or stuffed animal if the child prefers to nap with either. Toddlers nap from 1 - 3 pm.  Our preschool (3's) and our Pre-K groups (4's) from 1:30 -

3 pm.  If a child refuses to nap, we will find an alternative for that child; quiet play in the classroom or books on the cot.  We give the child approximately 1/2 an hour on his/her cot to determine whether they will sleep before making alternative plans.  Parents are asked to bring home any bedding on a weekly basis to be laundered.



Two large fenced in playgrounds allow the children to enjoy outdoor activities twice per day.  During the spring and summer months, the teachers will bring their curriculum outdoors and the children enjoy picnic lunches and simple water play.